Fattiness in a Pie Plate

A hearty quiche to warm your heart!

A hearty quiche to warm your heart!

I love quiche.  I really do.  They are so easy to make and you can pretty much put everything and anything in ’em.  This dish was inspired by something by Emeril Lagasse, but I made some hefty changes to make it much more un-healthy.  First off, the original recipe called for about 6 ounces bacon.  Do you know how much bacon that is?  I do — I measured it.  And it’s SO not enough for this meat-eating gal!  I used a whole pack instead.  Make what you will of that.  This could just as easily be a vegetarian dish as well, but like I said: I luuuurrrvvveee meat.

With my additions, the recipe ended up filling up 2 ready-made 9 inch pie plates, so I would suggest making this for you and your friends or else you’ll be eating it for the rest of the week.  Heaven forbid, you get sick of quiche!  The onions, I also ended up cooking longer than suggested by Mr. Lagasse, but only because I prefer a more slightly caramelized (burned?) onion.  I love onions.  I love bacon.  And I love mushrooms.  This dish was pretty perfect for me.  I hope it will be delicious for you as well.  Happy eating!



Recipe found here


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